The Oasis Accelerator

See Your Project Thrive

Have an idea for a project, an existing project you want to keep developing, or want to start something new? For 8 weeks with the support from our team of mentors, accountability of your project group, and our community, you can make it happen and develop a new skillset.

What is it?


Our team of mentors all have varied experience in software development. They are excited to share their knowledge and support all the groups through the accelerator.


The Accelerator will expose you to other students with similar interests and drive to create. Working with your project group and the various social events throughout the program are great opportunities to form lasting connections.


This is an opportunity to build a software development skillset that goes beyond what is taught in the classroom. The project you work on will not only be something to put on your resume; the experience will prepare you for


Virtual Stand Up and Upates

Teams will conduct their weekly standup calls via Zoom, as facilitated by the Oasis team

Group Hack Time

Group work will take place either in-person or virtually—the choice is up to each team

If working in-person, we will help teams locate spaces around campus where they can collaboratively work. Mentors will stop by during work time to check in with teams

If working virtually, mentors will meet with your team on Zoom at a convenient time

Who can join?

an individual without an idea

You don't need a group or a project idea to join! We will help you find a project group with similar project interests as you, and the first workshop is dedicated to brainstorming and ideation.

an individual with an idea

Coming in with ideas about what you want to work on is great! The accelerator is a group program so you will be teamed up with at least one other person. Ideating with  similarly driven and creative people almost always leaves you with something better than what you started with.

a group without an idea

We don't expect you know what you want to work on just yet. The first workshop is dedicated to and ideation to help you figure that out. In some cases, you might be paired with other individuals or small groups in which you can all brainstorm together!

a group with an idea

The accelerator provides a great environment for you and your friends pursue the project you have been working on or idea that you have always wanted to build. And also enables you to meet new people and possibly even add new members to your team.

Note: Some experience in programming is recommended for the Project Accelerator.
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