The Oasis Team works to bring the Oasis Vision to life. We work behind-the-scenes on the Project Accelerator, Full Stack Series, and The Oasis Brand. We also work collaboratively with different organizations and our participants in making Oasis thrive this semester and in years to come.

Sam Xifaras

Head of Operations

Will Stenzel

Oasis Director

Olivia Floody

Accelerator Coordinator

Chris Myers

Workshop Coordinator

Alexandra Chua

Head of Brand


The Oasis Mentors are the backbone of the program. They guide and consult Project Accelerator groups through frequent meetings and provide technical and team assistance. Mentors are also involved with the Full Stack Series as a speaker or behind the scenes. With these responsibilities, they get to share their extensive knowledge and experience with Oasis participants.

Ryan Drew

Head Mentor

Aislin Black


Steve Flanagan


Aravind Sivaram


Ryan Jung